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Precision Measurements at Scale

The first Thasos products were developed over the course of one year spent inside a New York-based hedge fund with over $10 billion in assets under management.

With rapid “right or wrong” feedback from the capital markets, our products were honed to satisfy the most demanding level of accuracy.

Institutional Investors

From topical research reports to API information feeds at the individual store or factory level, we provide objective, real-time information for 400+ companies mapped to exchange-listed tickers in North America and Europe.

Reports and feeds cover aggregate customer visitation, employee hours worked, cohort lifetime value, and similar fundamental metrics for every industry in the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS).

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Daily customer visitation for retailers, restaurants, hotels, theme parks, and other consumer-facing companies.

Daily customer visitation for mall REITs, including segmentation by individual mall, quality rating, anchors, mall type, individual stores and restaurants, and many other features.

Non-Consumer & IndustrialStreams
Daily customer visitation, deliveries, passengers, patients, hours worked, among other metrics, for dealers, manufacturers, airlines, hospitals, and other companies operating in non-consumer industries.

Quarterly research reports that highlight intra-quarter trends and forecast key performance indicators, including same store transactions, units output or sold, same store sales, and attendance.


Often, a deeper understanding of company fundamentals requires information for user-defined categories of people.

For casual dining restaurants and many other businesses, understanding how the loyal or repeat customer base is changing over time can be critical.

Similarly, benchmarking the performance of new stores against the same store base can provide an objective assessment of a company’s growth strategy.

Product coverage
  • GICS Industry Tickers
  • Airlines10
  • Consumer Discretionary160
  • Consumer Staples40
  • Energy & Materials30
  • Financials & REITs40
  • Health Care30
  • Industrials & Others120

Commercial Real Estate & Corporates

We provide real-time information for competitive analysis, origin-destination analysis, and cohort lifetime value for any business, public or private.

Whether you’re interested in an individual location or a chain of tens of thousands across multiple countries, our platform scales instantly to deliver the information you need to make better decisions.

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Competitive analysis

How does your customer traffic stack up against competing businesses in your area? Across the nation? During promotional campaigns or the holiday rush?

Industry benchmarking

Compare customer visits per square foot, percentage of repeat visitors, new store productivity, and many other metrics for any industry.

Origin-destination and affinity analysis

Where are your customers coming from and how far do they travel? Where else do they shop and how frequently?

Custom cohorts and lifetime value

Group people by where they shop, work, live, or how many vacations they take per year. Compute lifetime value at any business based on frequency of visitation and duration of stay.

Catchment analysis and site selection

Estimate purchasing power for the catchment segmented by drive time to the property of interest. Determine which properties are popular, complementary, and substitutable.

Tenancy profiling for corporate and industrial buildings

How many workers show up each hour, day, or week? How long do they work? Does the parking lot fill up? Compare these metrics for buildings across cities or countries.