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Interested in Powerful Real-Time Retail Analytics?

MallStreams: Everything you ever wanted to know about your competitor’s property but were afraid to ask.

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Explorer: Explorer is the default home page of MallStreams. The page provides an overview of the current state of visitation across the U.S., and for the top five REITs.


Property Factsheet: High-level dashboard of a property, providing visitation data, distance traveled to the property, average median household income and loyalty statistics.


Thasos Trade Area: Compare and attribute key census statistics per census block within a property’s trade area using Thasos Trade Area technology.


Property Affinity: Cross-shopping patterns and statistics dashboard showcases affinity to both tenant and nearby properties for the selected property (i.e., what stores and companies shoppers to a particular mall property also visited).


REIT Factsheet: Dashboard of all property statistics owned by a single REIT, including demographic detail of visitation.


REIT Tenant Factsheet: Displays the count and relative affinity of tenants across all properties owned by a single REIT.

Posted May 17, 2019