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Precision Measurements at Scale

The first Thasos products were developed over the course of one year spent inside a New York-based hedge fund with over $10 billion in assets under management.

With rapid “right or wrong” feedback from the capital markets, our products were honed to satisfy the most demanding level of accuracy.

For Institutional Investors

Thasos uses the latest advances in artificial intelligence, distributed computing and privacy technology to turn billions of daily location events into highly accessible information that can be easily consumed, understood and acted upon by investors and business managers.

Thasos’ intelligence is derived from volunteered mobile phone location data that has been anonymized, aggregated and thoroughly vetted to ensure compliance with the highest legal, quality and ethical standards. The company’s products have been used for the past four years by many of the industry’s leading hedge funds whose data scientists, and legal and compliance teams, operate in an extremely demanding and highly regulated environment for information.

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Customer Visitation Products

Daily customer visitation for retailers, restaurants, hotels, theme parks, and other consumer-facing companies.

Daily customer visitation for REIT-owned malls, including segmentation by individual mall, anchors, mall type, individual stores and restaurants, and many other features.

Non-Consumer & IndustrialStreams
Daily customer visitation, deliveries, passengers, patients, hours worked, among other metrics, for dealers, manufacturers, airlines, hospitals, and other companies operating in non-consumer industries.

Accompanying Products

Currently available for MallStreams and ConsumerStreams, Attribution allows subscribers to segment visitation by the following customer characteristics and accurately measure how those change over time:

  • Demographics: Average household income, age, gender, home ownership status, and marital status
  • Loyalty: New and loyal customers
  • Affinity: Cross-shopping patterns to other properties and retailers
Product coverage
  • GICS Industry Tickers
  • Airlines10
  • Consumer Discretionary160
  • Consumer Staples40
  • Energy & Materials30
  • Financials & REITs40
  • Health Care30
  • Industrials & Others120
  • Total430

For Commercial Real Estate & Corporates

Thasos’ MallStreams and Attribution products make real-time customer visitation and demographics easily accessible for any trade area, mall, shopping center, or major tenant. Make time-consistent, year-over-year measurements and produce reports with the click of a mouse using the MallStreams web-based dashboard or query the underlying data via API.

Thasos and Bloomberg have partnered to make MallStreams and Attribution available via Bloomberg’s Enterprise Access Point.

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Tenant analysis

Quantify the value of tenants for specific malls or shopping centers and showcase the data that favorably positions those properties in the eyes of tenants. Which tenants are driving traffic to specific properties? What’s the average household income of visitors? How far do visitors drive? Where else do they shop? Which tenants have a loyal customer base and which are buying all their customers with potentially unsustainable marketing campaigns? Answer these questions and more for any property nationwide, with over 3 years of time-consistent historical data.

Trade area analysis

Profile user-defined trade areas centered around any property or let the data define the effective trade area based on key measurements. Optimize decision making for site selection, M&A, advertising, and tenant mix by measuring purchasing power, driving distances, visitation rates, cross-shopping patterns, overlapping trade areas with competitors, and more.

Property analysis

For observed visitors to specified properties or tenants, analyze their household income, distance traveled, whether they’re tourists and where they come from, number of visits over time, duration of visits, names of other stores or properties visited, and more. Identify opportunities by analyzing the same information for customers who never set foot on those properties.