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Actionable information from real-time location data

By converting real-time location data from mobile phones into actionable information, we increase transparency into businesses, markets, and economies worldwide.

Mobile phones broadcast their locations at regular intervals, whether people are shopping in a store, working in a factory, or boarding an airplane.

Where people go and what they do are fundamental elements of economic activity.

For example, by measuring aggregate rates of mobile phone visitation to stores, we provide real-time transparency into the performance of thousands of competing businesses.

With over 5 billion mobile phones broadcasting their location throughout the world today, we provide access to the most powerful source of real-time geolocation data for measuring and forecasting economic activity anywhere.

We track foot traffic to retailers, malls, REIT-owned properties, hours worked on assembly lines, and other metrics across many industries globally.

Only with the latest advances in privacy technology, machine intelligence, and distributed computing is it possible to transform data at this scale into meaningful information for a broad range of end-users.


To construct the index, we aggregate employee hours worked across every U.S. manufacturing facility for Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota, and Chrysler.

Ground truth: We benchmark our index against the Motor Vehicle Assemblies release contained within the Federal Reserve's monthly report on Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization.

Thasos clients benefit from thousands of real-time indices tracking a broad range of key performance indicators for individual locations, companies, and entire industries.